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We’re all juggling life, work and to-dos lists; and as New Yorkers we act as though multi-tasking makes us more productive. In truth studies show that heavy multi-taskers have more trouble focusing, experience more stress and cost employers money. A study in 2010 by Workplace Options estimated that U.S. businesses lost $650 billion a year due to lowered productivity. The culprit? Multi-tasking.

The solution? Delegate. Harlem Amenities is a team of creative problem-solvers on a mission to support New Yorkers. We have the talent, skills and energy to take things off your hands and make your life easier. Imagine that you didn’t have to worry about grocery shopping, organizing your kid’s room or making sure your dining table was fixed. How much more would you get done? How much less stress? How would you feel? Well, let us help you experience that.

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